13 Movies Families Must Re-watch Before This Halloween

3 Days Until Halloween!

Your home is all decked out, you’ve decided on your costume, and you’ve got goodies in the oven so what more can you do to prepare in these next few days before Halloween is finally here? Relax & enjoy your favorite Halloween movie of course (all the best ones are from the 90s to early 2000s)! Read more to find 13 perfect family friendly movies to watch to celebrate the holiday!

1. Hocus Pocus (1993) – Taking place in Salem, MA, a group of teens accidentally free three witches and must steal the witches’ spell book so they cannot cause harm to the town and its people.giphy.gif


2. Halloweentown (1998) – Marnie has discovered she is a witch, following in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps. She travels with her brother to her grandmother’s hometown of Halloweentown, soon coming across trouble-causing supernatural creatures that wish to take over the town.giphy (1).gif


3. Halloweentown II (2001) – Grandmother and granddaughter duo from Halloweentown work to put Kalabar’s evil plan to a stop.giphy (2).gif


4. Casper (1995) – Casper the friendly ghost is haunting a mansion along with a few other not-so-friendly ghosts when a man and his daughter, Kat, come to communicate with the spirits. Casper and Kat soon form a deep friendship but struggle due to his peers.giphy (3).gif


5. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Jack Skellington has gotten bored with scaring people in reality until he discovers Christmastown, where he plots to take over.giphy (4).gif


6. Coraline (2009) – A young girl has just moved into a new home with her family. In this new home, she discovers an alternate reality that creepily attempts to force her to stay with them forever.giphy (5).gif


7. Beetlejuice (1988) – A deceased couple is stuck on earth as ghosts haunting their former home, attempting to scare the new homeowners away, while in the process attracting the spirit of Beetlejuice.giphy (6).gif


8. Ghost Busters (1984) – Four recently unemployed scientists team together to form a ghost-busting team and save New York City from devilish ghosts!giphy (7).gif


9. The Addams Family (1991) – An strange family for sure but they will not be swindled by a mother and son duo or a crazy gold digger.giphy (8).gif


10. The Little Vampire (2000) – Tony moves with his parents to Scotland only to get bullied in school until he befriends an unlikely character.giphy (9).gif


11. Monsters, INC. (2001) – Sully and Mike are monsters who get paid for scaring children during the night but then after one child follows them back through the door to Monsters, INC. everything changes.giphy (10).gif

12. The Haunted Mansion (2003) – The Evers family leaves for vacation but first, real estate agent and father (Eddie Murphy) stops at a mansion he has been asked to sell ultimately getting tied into breaking the mansion’s curse.

giphy (11).gif


13. Hotel Transylvania (2012) – Daddy’s girl, Mavis, is growing but daddy (a.k.a. Count Dracula) doesn’t want to let Mavis explore the world on her own. This short movie features many of our favorite monsters!giphy (12).gif

13 DIY Couple Costumes Based on People & Things We Love

7 Days Until Halloween!

One week left to scramble for a costume! Want to pair with your significant other? Here’s 13 DIY couple costumes to consider!

Please disregard the sex of the couples in these photos. I encourage you to put your own twist to the story if you identify as LGBTQA+!

  1. Batman & Robin – these two costumes could be made DIY easily! For Batman, wear all black, or a Batman t-shirt, and make a cape and mask with felt and an old t-shirt! Since I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Robin t-shirt, you’ll most likely have to make his logo out of felt but just glue it onto a red t-shirt!
  2. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf – Chuck and Blair’s relationship is so dysfunctional but perfect. They are #relationshipgoals. Halloween is the perfect time to fulfill fantasizes about living Blair Waldorf’s life, but don’t forget her kryptonite Chuck Bass!
  3. Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele – we fell in love with them in Fifty Shades of Grey and with the Fifty Shades Darker film releasing this coming February, this is the perfect couple to mimic this fall!anatasia-christian
  4. Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson – Grease is always a classic. So no matter how many times this is repeated, I will always love this costume idea! So simple too, all black and a little leather!danny-sandy
  5. Jack & Coke – So easy and so clever!jack-coke
  6. Woody & Jessie – throwback from the late 90’s, they captured our hearts in Toy Story 2! This costume can easily be recreated with pieces in your own closets, a thrift store, or a dollar store. 10 points if you add the pull tab in the back!
  7. Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly from The Office – this is too cute for words, but you do have to know at least a little bit about the show before you can try out this costume! jim-pam
  8. Johnny Cash & June Carter – this classic is one of my all time favorites! Hard to do though if both of you have light-colored hair, but again so easy to dress as this couple! Guitar is definitely a plus, even if it’s made out of cardboard.johnny-june
  9. Paulie Bleeker & Juno MacGuff from Juno – this is for couples who are pregnant of course. So adorable & easy to do with items from your own closets or thrifty shoppers!juno
  10. NHL Player & Stanley Cup – are you both die-hard hockey fans? Then this is definitely the costume for you! Especially since one of you must have a jersey and the other just has to dress in something silver and wear a silver bowl on their head. Like how much easier could it get?! You’ll definitely be number one all night with this one!nhl-stanley-cup
  11. Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot – another classic that can be accomplished by things hanging in amongst your own clothing!sandlot
  12. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory – 10 points if you actually are some sort of scientist! Might want to raid your grandmother’s closet for Amy’s get-up!sheldon-amy
  13. The Sailor & Nurse from the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a nurse celebrating Japan’s surrender in World War II – always a classic and so adorable! But you will definitely be posing like this quite a bit throughout the night!the-kiss