13 Makeup Ideas You Need to Steal this Halloween

11 Days Until Halloween!

Is every costume you come across too mainstream? Ever think of just painting your face extravagantly and downplaying the outfit? Scroll down to see 13 ways to use makeup or face paint to turn yourself into your Halloween costume!

  1. Mermaid – this look requires fishnets to achieve that scales. You could match this makeup with a full out bedazzled bra and shiny or glittery bottoms, or you could go with a basic dress.1898658c4d9d0d56a2a82b68a4d81788
  2. Snapchat Jeweled Eyes – you could match these eyes with literally anything. Keep it simple or dress it up.a75a33fb9a8ac39fabf0d1a62565b628
  3. Snapchat Puppy Dog – this is a dress down type of costume. Just stick with a cute neutral top and bottom outfit.f79c262418edd7920f3961a6de472d65
  4. Harley Quinn – this Suicide Squad member’s makeup definitely requires her getup. But you could always just go the easy route with things you already have, like a white top, short denim shorts, a bomber jacket, fishnets, and combat boots.harley-quinn
  5. Snapchat Crying Pop Art – match as you please! Definitely something more casual with a 60’s vibe, or a simple polka dot dress!b6933920bff73265d59c18316cd31301
  6. Half Pixelated – this look could go with anything. A simple little black dress would look cute!2a885a09366e30df060bf285aad6c1fb
  7. Snapchat Rainbow Vom – match with white, black, or bright colors like a vibrant pink top or dress!d26606cdc45af40ecb3fcfe401ff79e4
  8. Galaxy Cheeks – this out-of-this-world look would be cute paired with an extraterrestrial being idea in mind. So maybe a metallic bodysuit or dress!66285ea84e50d65be08abe685d24cbaf
  9. Snapchat Watercolor Pop Art – pair this makeup with a white or black dress. You definitely won’t need an outfit too crazy with this look!b6e6f15757cbb3b3e6f00dd135548b5f
  10. Disney’s Cruella Deville – match this look with a simple black dress and a long white coat or cardigan. Finding a black and white wig would be ideal but temporary hair color could work too!fb474a763913deea0aee09a189c24509
  11. Disney’s Ursula – this makeup is spot on! A wig or temporary hair color would be a nice addition but probably not necessary. Definitely wear a black dress and go the DIY route with Ursula’s accessories. 885814ce432910e782711415a292bf5f
  12. Disney’s Cheshire Cat – this makeup is so fun! You could match this look with a pink, purple, or black outfit!95814247374fcb1be11ffb1cff8c17e0
  13. Gypsy – find a skirt of any desired length, a flowy top, and a corset, if you can to go over the shirt. Be fun with the colors! Go crazy with the hair. Very curly and add a bandanna. A thrift store would be the perfect spot to find jewelry for this costume!3213a1fd1022daa9232a9d3fd96df88e