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Happy Halloween to all of my lovely readers!

I’d like to thank everyone who read my Halloween countdown! Especially to those who have continuously kept up with each post! Feedback is encouraged!

 Here’s how I celebrated Saturday night:


Michael is actually a volunteer fireman so I thought I’d give him at least one night for a costume he wouldn’t completely hate. I was his dalmatian puppy! Both of our costumes were mostly DIY. He bought tape and put it on the bottom of a pair of black pants he already had, and bought the helmet and suspenders. I made my tutu myself and hot glued felt for my spots! I also had made ears with a headband but didn’t like the way they came out so I didn’t wear them!

Tonight, Monday night, we are going to be husband and wife! So think of your stereotypical housewife and working (or lazy) husband.

Happy final night of Halloweekend!

13 Movies to Scare Your Halloween Spirit Into Place

Final Day Until Halloween!

It’s a Sunday night. No Halloween parties? That’s okay! Celebrate Halloween-eve with a marathon of these 13 (or maybe just a few) scary thrillers!

1. The Halloween Movie Franchise – This film introduces Michael Myers, a psychopath serial killer. Myers first murders his sister, is locked away but then escapes in a transfer, and moves to a new city searching for new victims. Throughout the series, he continuously searches for one victim in particular that got away. A few of the middle movies are not directly related to Myers but share similar plots.


2. Friday the 13th Franchise – Jason Voorhees drowned as a child at Camp Crystal Lake and makes it his haunting mission to kill camp visitors and staff.

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3. Saw Franchise – This series is about the murders by John Kramer (a.k.a. the Jigsaw Killer) as well killings inspired by his style. Jigsaw traps his victims in “games” rather than killing them initially.

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4. The Orphan (2009) – A couple mourns the death of their unborn child by adopting a 9-year-old girl with mysterious secrets of her own.

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5. Scream Franchise – This slasher franchise is unique in that the characters recognize horror film clichés. There are 4 movies total.



6. The Conjuring (2013) – Inspired by The Amityville Horror, The Perron family home has become overwhelmed by paranormal activity.

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7. The Nightmare (2015) – This is a documentary film follows 8 individuals with sleep paralysis. The Nightmare can be found on Netflix.


8. The Babadook (2014) – A mother and child soon fall victim to the Babadook’s terrorizing and struggle together to overpower the monster.

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9. Honeymoon (2014) – Newlyweds, Paul and Bea, plan a honeymoon secluded in a forest but one night Bea goes missing. Paul finds her disoriented in the woods and since that night, things have just been off…


10. Poltergeist Series – Throughout the series, the Freeling family is haunted by a group of ghosts, particularly interested in the youngest daughter.

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11. Chucky Franchise –  The soul of a serial killer is trapped inside doll who kills as a means to avoid afterlife. giphy (18).gif


12. Grave Encounters (2011) – Years after the television show was cancelled because of missing footage, the footage was recovered. The crew returns to the hospital at which they were previously searching years ago and locks themselves inside. The paranormal activity begins shortly after they arrive.


13. Insidious (2010) – One of the sons of the Lambert family was born with the ability to mentally travel beyond this realm. After traveling too far, he became lost in “the further” realm, allowing for tortured souls to use his body as their own.

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13 Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

2 Days Until Halloween!

It’s Halloween weekend & you’re hosting a party tonight! You have decorations, food, drinks, but what about music? Do you think you’re going to play the typical Top 40? Heck no! It’s Halloween and you need Halloween music at your party! Here’s 13 classic songs to get a head start on your playlist for the night!

1. Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers


2. This is Halloween – from The Nightmare Before Christmas


3. Thriller – Michael Jackson


4. Nightmare on My Street – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff


5. Ghostbusters theme song – Ray Parker Jr.


6. I Put a Spell on You – originally by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 


7. Witch’s Brew – Hap Palmer

throwback to elementary music class!


8. The Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley


9. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockewell


10. Superstition – Stevie Wonder


11. Flesh ‘n Blood – Oingo Boingo


12. Voodoo – Godsmack


13. She Wolf – Shakira

Okay so this really isn’t about Halloween or have any connection but it makes me think of werewolves and there’s howling so, it can count!

13 Movies Families Must Re-watch Before This Halloween

3 Days Until Halloween!

Your home is all decked out, you’ve decided on your costume, and you’ve got goodies in the oven so what more can you do to prepare in these next few days before Halloween is finally here? Relax & enjoy your favorite Halloween movie of course (all the best ones are from the 90s to early 2000s)! Read more to find 13 perfect family friendly movies to watch to celebrate the holiday!

1. Hocus Pocus (1993) – Taking place in Salem, MA, a group of teens accidentally free three witches and must steal the witches’ spell book so they cannot cause harm to the town and its people.giphy.gif


2. Halloweentown (1998) – Marnie has discovered she is a witch, following in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps. She travels with her brother to her grandmother’s hometown of Halloweentown, soon coming across trouble-causing supernatural creatures that wish to take over the town.giphy (1).gif


3. Halloweentown II (2001) – Grandmother and granddaughter duo from Halloweentown work to put Kalabar’s evil plan to a stop.giphy (2).gif


4. Casper (1995) – Casper the friendly ghost is haunting a mansion along with a few other not-so-friendly ghosts when a man and his daughter, Kat, come to communicate with the spirits. Casper and Kat soon form a deep friendship but struggle due to his peers.giphy (3).gif


5. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Jack Skellington has gotten bored with scaring people in reality until he discovers Christmastown, where he plots to take over.giphy (4).gif


6. Coraline (2009) – A young girl has just moved into a new home with her family. In this new home, she discovers an alternate reality that creepily attempts to force her to stay with them forever.giphy (5).gif


7. Beetlejuice (1988) – A deceased couple is stuck on earth as ghosts haunting their former home, attempting to scare the new homeowners away, while in the process attracting the spirit of Beetlejuice.giphy (6).gif


8. Ghost Busters (1984) – Four recently unemployed scientists team together to form a ghost-busting team and save New York City from devilish ghosts!giphy (7).gif


9. The Addams Family (1991) – An strange family for sure but they will not be swindled by a mother and son duo or a crazy gold digger.giphy (8).gif


10. The Little Vampire (2000) – Tony moves with his parents to Scotland only to get bullied in school until he befriends an unlikely character.giphy (9).gif


11. Monsters, INC. (2001) – Sully and Mike are monsters who get paid for scaring children during the night but then after one child follows them back through the door to Monsters, INC. everything changes.giphy (10).gif

12. The Haunted Mansion (2003) – The Evers family leaves for vacation but first, real estate agent and father (Eddie Murphy) stops at a mansion he has been asked to sell ultimately getting tied into breaking the mansion’s curse.

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13. Hotel Transylvania (2012) – Daddy’s girl, Mavis, is growing but daddy (a.k.a. Count Dracula) doesn’t want to let Mavis explore the world on her own. This short movie features many of our favorite monsters!giphy (12).gif

13 Nail Art Designs to Show Your Halloween Spirit

4 Days Until Halloween!

No party to dress up for but feel the need to show your love of Halloween? How about trying out one of these 13 ideas for holiday nail art? Do it yourself, ask a friend, or ask your manicurist!

1. Blood Drip blood

2. Bloody Prints bloody-prints

3. Candy Corncandy-corn

4. Trendy Ghostghost

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost – no one will ever know!glow-in-the-dark

6. Gothic Dipgothic-dip

7. Harley Quinn – to complete your Harley Quinn ensemble!harley-quinn

8. Mermaid – channel your inner sea creature this holiday!mermaid

9. Poison Applepoison-apple

10. Splattersplatter

11. Water Marblewater-marble

12. Spider Webweb

13. Black Catcat-face

13 Furry Companion Costumes To Die Fur

5 Days Until Halloween!

So I covered costume ideas for babies, couples, and college girls but there’s another group that we love to dress up for Halloween too – even if they might not enjoy it as much! Our furry four-legged friends! Scroll down to see 13 adorable costume ideas for pets!

50 points if you can get them to stay in the costume all night!

  1. Air Bud – throwback! Air Bud was definitely one of my favorite childhood movie series! air-bud
  2. Rocket Dog – simple, easy, and funny!
  3. Chia Pet – this dog looks overly happy but I find the irony too much to handle!chia-pet
  4. Cowboy’s Getaway Ride – got a Barbie or Ken doll laying around?cowboy
  5. Dino – couldn’t be any easier!dino
  6. Football – too precious for words!football
  7. Calling all K9 units – I cannot. The cuteness in this photo is too much for me to take!k9-unit
  8. Winnie the Pooh – sleepy little Pooh bear.pooh
  9. Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny – another pair! This poor fella looks miserable but oh so cute!red-riding-hood
  10. Scooby Doo – too perfect! scooby
  11. Fancy Pants – definitely can be done for dogs too!tux
  12. TY Stuffed Animal – this one is definitely my favorite just because the puppy looks like a teddy bear!ty
  13. Unicorn – so magical!unicorn

13 Pumpkin Decorating to Try Out This Holiday

6 Days Until Halloween!

I say Halloween & you think what? Dressing up? Ghosts? Pumpkins?! Carving pumpkins are my second favorite part of Halloween (after picking the perfect costume) but there’s so much more you can try other than just carving!

Some of the photos have steps so your final product can look just like the photo! Just one click away!

  1. Glitter on Glitter on Glitter! – so unique!
  2. Pokemon – I’m sure we’ll see plenty of Pikachu’s and Pokeballs on doorsteps this holiday, thanks to Pokemon Go!
  3. Tiny Doughnuts – so preshdoughnut
  4. Emojis – because who doesn’t love emojis?
  5. Disney – always a good go to!
  6. Cats – go scary or go cute!
  7. Glow-in-the-Dark – why not try something new and put the glow on the outside of the pumpkin rather than the inside? All you need is glow-in-the-dark paint!glow-in-the-dark
  8. Kisses for the Couple – so many couple ideas but this one is a favorite!couple1
  9. House – I’ve never seen this before but I think it is too cute! Perfect for fairy gardens!house
  10. Harry Potter – I’ll never trust someone who doesn’t love HP and these are just too awesome for words.
  11. Lollipop Hair – perfect if you can’t be home on Halloween night!lolipop-head
  12. Hungry Monster – for those who need to fill the scary void!scary-1
  13. Flowers – to those who can’t except that summer is gone, these are the pumpkins for you!



  • After carving your pumpkin, soak it in a water & bleach solution to help preserve your creation!
  • Use cookie cutters to get perfect shapes!