13 Furry Companion Costumes To Die Fur

5 Days Until Halloween!

So I covered costume ideas for babies, couples, and college girls but there’s another group that we love to dress up for Halloween too – even if they might not enjoy it as much! Our furry four-legged friends! Scroll down to see 13 adorable costume ideas for pets!

50 points if you can get them to stay in the costume all night!

  1. Air Bud – throwback! Air Bud was definitely one of my favorite childhood movie series! air-bud
  2. Rocket Dog – simple, easy, and funny!
  3. Chia Pet – this dog looks overly happy but I find the irony too much to handle!chia-pet
  4. Cowboy’s Getaway Ride – got a Barbie or Ken doll laying around?cowboy
  5. Dino – couldn’t be any easier!dino
  6. Football – too precious for words!football
  7. Calling all K9 units – I cannot. The cuteness in this photo is too much for me to take!k9-unit
  8. Winnie the Pooh – sleepy little Pooh bear.pooh
  9. Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny – another pair! This poor fella looks miserable but oh so cute!red-riding-hood
  10. Scooby Doo – too perfect! scooby
  11. Fancy Pants – definitely can be done for dogs too!tux
  12. TY Stuffed Animal – this one is definitely my favorite just because the puppy looks like a teddy bear!ty
  13. Unicorn – so magical!unicorn

13 DIY Couple Costumes Based on People & Things We Love

7 Days Until Halloween!

One week left to scramble for a costume! Want to pair with your significant other? Here’s 13 DIY couple costumes to consider!

Please disregard the sex of the couples in these photos. I encourage you to put your own twist to the story if you identify as LGBTQA+!

  1. Batman & Robin – these two costumes could be made DIY easily! For Batman, wear all black, or a Batman t-shirt, and make a cape and mask with felt and an old t-shirt! Since I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Robin t-shirt, you’ll most likely have to make his logo out of felt but just glue it onto a red t-shirt!
  2. Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf – Chuck and Blair’s relationship is so dysfunctional but perfect. They are #relationshipgoals. Halloween is the perfect time to fulfill fantasizes about living Blair Waldorf’s life, but don’t forget her kryptonite Chuck Bass!
  3. Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele – we fell in love with them in Fifty Shades of Grey and with the Fifty Shades Darker film releasing this coming February, this is the perfect couple to mimic this fall!anatasia-christian
  4. Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson – Grease is always a classic. So no matter how many times this is repeated, I will always love this costume idea! So simple too, all black and a little leather!danny-sandy
  5. Jack & Coke – So easy and so clever!jack-coke
  6. Woody & Jessie – throwback from the late 90’s, they captured our hearts in Toy Story 2! This costume can easily be recreated with pieces in your own closets, a thrift store, or a dollar store. 10 points if you add the pull tab in the back!
  7. Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly from The Office – this is too cute for words, but you do have to know at least a little bit about the show before you can try out this costume! jim-pam
  8. Johnny Cash & June Carter – this classic is one of my all time favorites! Hard to do though if both of you have light-colored hair, but again so easy to dress as this couple! Guitar is definitely a plus, even if it’s made out of cardboard.johnny-june
  9. Paulie Bleeker & Juno MacGuff from Juno – this is for couples who are pregnant of course. So adorable & easy to do with items from your own closets or thrifty shoppers!juno
  10. NHL Player & Stanley Cup – are you both die-hard hockey fans? Then this is definitely the costume for you! Especially since one of you must have a jersey and the other just has to dress in something silver and wear a silver bowl on their head. Like how much easier could it get?! You’ll definitely be number one all night with this one!nhl-stanley-cup
  11. Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot – another classic that can be accomplished by things hanging in amongst your own clothing!sandlot
  12. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory – 10 points if you actually are some sort of scientist! Might want to raid your grandmother’s closet for Amy’s get-up!sheldon-amy
  13. The Sailor & Nurse from the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a nurse celebrating Japan’s surrender in World War II – always a classic and so adorable! But you will definitely be posing like this quite a bit throughout the night!the-kiss

13 Adorable Costumes for Your Little One

9 Days Until Halloween!

Down to single digits!

It seems like everyone I know is getting engaged or married, moving in with their significant other, or having babies. So this post is for all you new parents out there desperately searching for the perfect costume for their little one! Here’s 13 of the cutest ideas!

  1. Alice in Wonderland Siblings – I just find the little White Rabbit to be so so cute! Plus, I love the idea of sibling costumes. Click on the photo for more ideas of sibling costumes.alice-in-wonderland
  2. Cow with Udders – okay so the cow isn’t a new idea but bottle nipples as an udder?! That’s so creative that your fellow mom friends will have a cow over its utter cuteness! Click on the photo for the steps.cow
  3. Cupcake – this is just one variation of this cupcake idea. I like like one in particular for younger babies because it’s basically a sleep sack and I don’t know about you, but it’s usually cold in Upstate New York for Halloween. Put a regular outfit on underneath with the costume on top and your baby will be extra toasty!cupcake
  4. 101 Dalmatian with Cruella Deville mommy – Mainly just because you’re a mother and you love the idea of your costume corresponding with your child’s. And it’s based on a Disney movie. So win, win. And a baby dressed as a puppy, double cuteness!dalmation
  5. Elvis – probably one of my top favorites on this list because duh, a baby dressed as one of America’s favorites and that’s just too cute for words. It’s all because of the irony. Give them a rattle that looks like a microphone and if they have hair, all the better!elvis
  6. Ice Cream Sandwich – food and babies. Two things people always love. This could easily be made into something a little warmer, with a long sleeve onesie and white fleece pants!ice-cream-sandwich
  7. Lion – okay so again, lions aren’t anything new but I just love the way this DIY version turned out! So adorable! And so cozy! Your little lion would be a roaring hit at each house!lion
  8. Mermaid – mermaids are such a thing right now. Want your baby to be Insta ready? This will definitely rack up the likes! Plus, your little one won’t have to sacrifice warmth for trends!mermaid
  9. Milk Drunk – I just find this one so hilarious. I can’t help it! Everyone jokes around saying their baby is milk drunk so why not turn it into a Halloween costume?!milk-drunk
  10. Peter Pan – maybe it’s just the child in this costume but I’m in love with this! This would be perfect for a sibling costume too – they could either be Tinkerbell or Captain Hook! Hook is definitely better to capture the sibling relationship.
  11. Pineapple – fruit costumes are going to be big this year for all ages so keep up the trend with adorable costume for the PINEapple of your eye! This can easily be made warmer with pants and a long sleeve onesie underneath.pineapple
  12. Scuba Diver – I can honestly say I have never seen such a costume before! This is definitely the easiest costume on this list and you definitely have everything you need! Such a cozy costume too!scuba-diver
  13. Weight Lifter – here’s one of those ironic costumes that we just love. Super easy and everyone will love it, including your baby while they play with their weight prop!weight-lifter

13 Makeup Ideas You Need to Steal this Halloween

11 Days Until Halloween!

Is every costume you come across too mainstream? Ever think of just painting your face extravagantly and downplaying the outfit? Scroll down to see 13 ways to use makeup or face paint to turn yourself into your Halloween costume!

  1. Mermaid – this look requires fishnets to achieve that scales. You could match this makeup with a full out bedazzled bra and shiny or glittery bottoms, or you could go with a basic dress.1898658c4d9d0d56a2a82b68a4d81788
  2. Snapchat Jeweled Eyes – you could match these eyes with literally anything. Keep it simple or dress it up.a75a33fb9a8ac39fabf0d1a62565b628
  3. Snapchat Puppy Dog – this is a dress down type of costume. Just stick with a cute neutral top and bottom outfit.f79c262418edd7920f3961a6de472d65
  4. Harley Quinn – this Suicide Squad member’s makeup definitely requires her getup. But you could always just go the easy route with things you already have, like a white top, short denim shorts, a bomber jacket, fishnets, and combat boots.harley-quinn
  5. Snapchat Crying Pop Art – match as you please! Definitely something more casual with a 60’s vibe, or a simple polka dot dress!b6933920bff73265d59c18316cd31301
  6. Half Pixelated – this look could go with anything. A simple little black dress would look cute!2a885a09366e30df060bf285aad6c1fb
  7. Snapchat Rainbow Vom – match with white, black, or bright colors like a vibrant pink top or dress!d26606cdc45af40ecb3fcfe401ff79e4
  8. Galaxy Cheeks – this out-of-this-world look would be cute paired with an extraterrestrial being idea in mind. So maybe a metallic bodysuit or dress!66285ea84e50d65be08abe685d24cbaf
  9. Snapchat Watercolor Pop Art – pair this makeup with a white or black dress. You definitely won’t need an outfit too crazy with this look!b6e6f15757cbb3b3e6f00dd135548b5f
  10. Disney’s Cruella Deville – match this look with a simple black dress and a long white coat or cardigan. Finding a black and white wig would be ideal but temporary hair color could work too!fb474a763913deea0aee09a189c24509
  11. Disney’s Ursula – this makeup is spot on! A wig or temporary hair color would be a nice addition but probably not necessary. Definitely wear a black dress and go the DIY route with Ursula’s accessories. 885814ce432910e782711415a292bf5f
  12. Disney’s Cheshire Cat – this makeup is so fun! You could match this look with a pink, purple, or black outfit!95814247374fcb1be11ffb1cff8c17e0
  13. Gypsy – find a skirt of any desired length, a flowy top, and a corset, if you can to go over the shirt. Be fun with the colors! Go crazy with the hair. Very curly and add a bandanna. A thrift store would be the perfect spot to find jewelry for this costume!3213a1fd1022daa9232a9d3fd96df88e

13 DIY Halloween Costumes for Her

13 Days Until Halloween!

Dressing up is easily the best part of Halloween, & with only 13 days left it’s time to start preparing!

  1. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls. Better yet, convince your blonde BFF to be the Serena van der Woodsen to your Blair Waldorf! Both characters have quirky details to make separate from each other, like Blair’s headbands and Serena’s loose necktie. blair
  2. Misty from Pokemon! As Pokemon Go! made its debut this summer, I’m sure we will see quite a few Misty’s this holiday! Her getup requires almost no purchase as you can likely find these pieces in a friend’s closet or your own!misty
  3. Ariadna Gutiérrez, Miss Colombia who was miss-crowned as 2015’s Miss Universe in December. Again, make it a friend costume by having a BFF dress as the actual Miss Universe, Pia Alnozo Wurtzbach of the Philippines. Something like this:miss-universe
  4. Kim Possible from no other than Kim Possible. All you need is cargo pants, black tank, and black boots! Of course the redder the hair, the better but don’t sweat if can’t achieve the red hair by a wig or temporary color.kim-possible
  5. 80’s Workout Guru  – neon, neon, and more neon. Oh, and tights with leg warmers! And viola, so easy and cute!80s-workout
  6. A doll  doll-makeupI like this costume because the makeup. You can really make yourself look like a doll just by using makeup. Clothes-wise, you can pretty much do anything but add a DIY wind-up key to your back for an even more unique look!
  7. Cher Harowitz from Clueless is such a classic go to and so simple too! clueless
  8. The Purge  – this is more fun if you can convince a friend or two, otherwise you might just look a little odd! But it is as easy as a mask and some sort of pretend weapon. purge
  9. Starbucks Barista, because how much more basic could you get? Make it funny by carrying around cups and misspell your friends’s names on them.starbucks
  10. The Final Five – Of course this another BFF group costume! You could go the DIY route with a cheap red or blue leotard and paint some silver stars and make your own gold metal. Or you could buy a similar leotard and a cheap gold metal!final-five
  11. DJ Tanner – 2016 brought us the glory that is Fuller House and while you could do present day DJ, we all know a 90’s costume is much more fun! You might have this costume in your closet with how our fashion trends are going! (and of course, it might be fun to be Kimmy or Stephanie too)


12. Princess, Carrie from Carrie, bride, prom queen, Miss America, Dressed to Kill – what do these costumes all have in common? You can recycle your old prom dress that’s just hanging in the back of your closet! Some cases may require to get it a little dirty, but the others just require some extra props which can all be made DIY. For dressed to kill, just carry a toy gun or squirt gun.

13. Pinup Girl – think polka dots, red, black, and white! Bold red lips, bumper bangs, leather leggings. So easy, but makeup is crucial for this costume!