13 Adorable Costumes for Your Little One

9 Days Until Halloween!

Down to single digits!

It seems like everyone I know is getting engaged or married, moving in with their significant other, or having babies. So this post is for all you new parents out there desperately searching for the perfect costume for their little one! Here’s 13 of the cutest ideas!

  1. Alice in Wonderland Siblings – I just find the little White Rabbit to be so so cute! Plus, I love the idea of sibling costumes. Click on the photo for more ideas of sibling costumes.alice-in-wonderland
  2. Cow with Udders – okay so the cow isn’t a new idea but bottle nipples as an udder?! That’s so creative that your fellow mom friends will have a cow over its utter cuteness! Click on the photo for the steps.cow
  3. Cupcake – this is just one variation of this cupcake idea. I like like one in particular for younger babies because it’s basically a sleep sack and I don’t know about you, but it’s usually cold in Upstate New York for Halloween. Put a regular outfit on underneath with the costume on top and your baby will be extra toasty!cupcake
  4. 101 Dalmatian with Cruella Deville mommy – Mainly just because you’re a mother and you love the idea of your costume corresponding with your child’s. And it’s based on a Disney movie. So win, win. And a baby dressed as a puppy, double cuteness!dalmation
  5. Elvis – probably one of my top favorites on this list because duh, a baby dressed as one of America’s favorites and that’s just too cute for words. It’s all because of the irony. Give them a rattle that looks like a microphone and if they have hair, all the better!elvis
  6. Ice Cream Sandwich – food and babies. Two things people always love. This could easily be made into something a little warmer, with a long sleeve onesie and white fleece pants!ice-cream-sandwich
  7. Lion – okay so again, lions aren’t anything new but I just love the way this DIY version turned out! So adorable! And so cozy! Your little lion would be a roaring hit at each house!lion
  8. Mermaid – mermaids are such a thing right now. Want your baby to be Insta ready? This will definitely rack up the likes! Plus, your little one won’t have to sacrifice warmth for trends!mermaid
  9. Milk Drunk – I just find this one so hilarious. I can’t help it! Everyone jokes around saying their baby is milk drunk so why not turn it into a Halloween costume?!milk-drunk
  10. Peter Pan – maybe it’s just the child in this costume but I’m in love with this! This would be perfect for a sibling costume too – they could either be Tinkerbell or Captain Hook! Hook is definitely better to capture the sibling relationship.
  11. Pineapple – fruit costumes are going to be big this year for all ages so keep up the trend with adorable costume for the PINEapple of your eye! This can easily be made warmer with pants and a long sleeve onesie underneath.pineapple
  12. Scuba Diver – I can honestly say I have never seen such a costume before! This is definitely the easiest costume on this list and you definitely have everything you need! Such a cozy costume too!scuba-diver
  13. Weight Lifter – here’s one of those ironic costumes that we just love. Super easy and everyone will love it, including your baby while they play with their weight prop!weight-lifter