13 Drinks Your Halloween Party Needs

12 Days Until Halloween!

In need of some boos for your Halloween party? Here’s 13 ideas for signature drinks to fit the holiday!

  1. Candy Corn Punch – this recipe doesn’t call for any boos but a regular vodka or a citrus vodka would be a nice way to spike this punch!candy-corn
  2. Black Widow Venom – how cute are these?! These small vials are more of a party favor, unless you ditched the vial and just used the venom for shots!venom
  3. Witch’s Potion – again, no boos in this recipe but there’s always room to add! A pineapple vodka or even Malibu Rum might be tasty!witchs-potion
  4. Purple People Eater – bringing it back to elementary school singing this song! This delicious concoction is super easy to make! You could add an eyeball bouncy ball (or something similar) so this drink really can be a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater! purple-people-eater
  5. Dr. Frankenstein – this recipe calls for 1 1/2 oz peaty scotch, 3/4 oz cocchi americano, 1/2 lemon juice, and 1/4 rich berry liquor (think blackberry schnapps). Finish with a cherry on top!dr-frankenstein 
  6. Liquefied Ghost – white as a ghost! The licorice on the side is a nice touch but 2 tiny pieces of black licorice floating in the glass will give your ghost eyes!liquefied-ghost
  7. Bloody Mary – no funky colors, just your average Bloody Mary because why not? The name itself fits into the holiday. Fill vials or test tubes with the mixture and you’re sure to be a big hit!
  8. Black Widow Martini – any black drink is perfect for Halloween because when else would anyone want to drink something that literally looks like death? Surprise, this drink will be on the sweeter side.black-widow-martini
  9. The Gravedigger – with a name like that, you know it’ll be perfect! This drink is full of our favorite fall treats! Number one being hard cider! The skeleton mixer is such a cute touch!gravedigger
  10. Sleepy Hollow – this is a very sophisticated drink for your headless horsemen guests!sleepy-hollow
  11. The Poisoned Apple – this drink is a combination of apple and tequila. Perfect for fall, perfect for Halloween!poisoned-apple
  12. Walking Dead – this zombified drink has an adult vibe with a fun twist, a.k.a. the gummy brains. Definitely a necessity!walking-dead
  13. Beetlejuice  – this is going to be on the sweeter side, but extra tasty!beetlejuice

Some other ideas to try out:

  1. Zombie Shotszombi-shots
  2. Jello Brainsjello-brains
  3. Pumpkin Menupumpkin-menu
  4. Spider Cubesspider-cubes